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Hook'em Down and Other "disrespectful" Gestures

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July 12, 2019 at 10:05pm

Living in Texas I am surrounded by Aggie and Texas fans (both are irritating). The annoying "Whoop Whoop" or the "Hook'em Horns" hand sign get annoying everywhere I go.

ESEC posted an interesting article on how offended Texas is about the Hook'em Down hand sign (an inverted Longhorn, which I have adopted on occasion!)

It talks about penalties and Mack Brown and Baker Mayfield and is a good read.

What is respectful and funny to some causes irritation and anger in others. It is all about what side of the stadium you sit on. I for one absolutely love the "Double Bird" exit in AA. And I hate the penalty for putting your hands together as a Buckeyes receiver to make a block "O" and getting a penalty! The friggin gloves were made for that!

Tell me, what makes you laugh or angry in the world of showing your opponent what you think?

A couple of quotes from the article:

--- "If you can't throw the Horns Down, what can you do?" he said. "It's the most polite disrespect that you can do in the game of football. It's not a kick in the nuts."

--- And Switzer, well, he's got his own reasons.

"S---," he said. "It's just fun!"

--- Sure, his players shouldn't have done it, Dykes said, before a little bit of his Lubbock started showing.

"Texas probably shouldn't have let us beat them twice, either."

--- Cleveland Browns quarterback and Oklahoma legend Baker Mayfield taught campers how to do it at his football camp in Austin.



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