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Comment 27 Nov 2019

Desperate people do desperate things...keep it clean _ichigan players. I don't trust those rat bastards. The mGo has been full of "Take Fields out" comments. 

Comment 21 Nov 2019

I agree. I think I remember Coach Day saying the playbook is mostly in, meaning they have practiced it and everybody knows the plays. But I don't think we have seen "most of the playbook" yet in the games this year. And Day has said that they have a lot of the same plays, just different looks. I expect to see some of this the rest of the season.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Here's a thought on the future. The NCAA landscape is changing and Gene is deep in the middle of this. He gets an offer to go to the NCAA and guide them into the future and help shape the new landscape that is coming. That would be a MAJOR legacy for him. 

He leaves and Meyer is the new AD at tOSU.