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Kalil Branham Decommits from TTUN

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April 16, 2019 at 6:18am

Per the norm, they're saying Gattis doesnt like him as "others on the board". So I did some looking and they're not CBed for any top 50 WR outside of RaShawn Williams who's CB's are 62% "undecided" and 38% TTUN.

I know CB's arent everything but they usually pretty accurate on who the players are and their arnt many for TTUN so unless they're returning every WR for the 2020 season, that seems at best a stretch. Per MGoBlogs depth chart. DJP, Nico Collins are Juniors (I'd assume DJP is gone) as well as T. Black who is will be a 3rd year sohpmore will also be gone, IMO. If he doesnt get hurt, again. That leaves them with at best 6 WR's and at worst 5.

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