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Transfers Adding Up for B1G Teams

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January 18, 2019 at 2:37am

There has been a ton of news about players leaving around the country but very little about how many have actually left. Doing a simple search (not by any means 100% accurate since there is no actual list available) Penn St has around 10 transfers alone, not to mention the guys they lose in the draft(early and not). Michigan has lost probably about the same number of players over the last year, plus some head scratching early draft departures. Then I got to thinking about Ohio St's departures and none of them are exactly a loss outside of some depth in the QB room. Not to mention all of our guys leaving for the NFL are doing some with top 2 round grades (outside of maybe Weber who I suspect with be a 3-4 round pick).

Has anyone found a complete and updated list from the last year? I've found some lists with the new portal names but I suspect it's not updated as 4 of the 6 newer PSU departures are not on the list. 

Also, what will this do to these teams? I know the Soloman departure hurts Michigan as they were expecting him to be the starter next year, same for PSU and Wade but not sure who else is a big loss for them.

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