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Clay Helton is Likely a Goner, Who Would USC Try to Hire?(James Frankin?)

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October 28, 2018 at 1:10pm

Clay Helton and USC just lost to Arizona State at home to move to 4-4. It's becoming obvious that Helton isn't going to do anything meaningful at USC. If he is fired at the end of the year who in the world does USC go after? Matt Campbell is the universal "next big thing" coach but he seems to want either OSU,Michigan, or ND as he is a midwest guy. I'm sure many would say Urban but I don't think he really seems to be in the place to go somewhere and build his culture, I think this is his last coaching job. This appears to be a bad year to be looking for a new coach. 

I personally think USC will be able to pull somebody from a bigger program that nobody thinks is an option to go live in LA and compete in a bad conference. James Franklin can compete with Harbaugh/Michigan and Urban/OSU and other elite coaches in the B1G or go to USC and compete with UCLA? Utah? I know what I would want to do

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