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The Heisman race... The Running Backs...

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November 15, 2015 at 8:16am

I think it's incredibly fitting that for the first time in a long time we are looking at, the most likely scenario, being that three of the Heisman finalists are running backs, and they're the top three in the country.

Leonard Fournette- 214 attempts for 1474 yards and 17 TDs

Derrick Henry- 240 attempts for 1458 yards and 19 TDs

Ezekiel Elliott- 220 attempts for 1425 and 16 TDs

All three of these running backs are dominating games, and they're separated by 49 yards going into the final stretch of the season.  Pretty incredible.  Obviously we're all pulling for Zeke on this site, but how fitting is it that this award that has been dominated by QBs for so many years in a row now, is going to come down to three RBs who are making the college football world go round.  These next few weeks are going to be incredibly interesting. If I were ranking them today I'd have to say that right now it's:

1. Henry- Absolutely played like a monster the last two games.

2. Elliott- The most consistent of the three players, and has had 15 100 yard rushing games in a row.  That's no fluke.  If he can make Michigan state and TTUN a couple of statement games he should be a lock to bring home the hardware.

3. Fournette- I feel like of the three, Fournette is feeling the grind of the season the most.  He's been LSU's offense for entire games at a time and I think it's catching up to him.  Going for 31 yards in LSU's biggest game this year didn't do him any favors.

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