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ttun recruiting meltdown

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January 27, 2015 at 7:05am

A lot of panic up north after numerous rejections and a few more appear to be imminent. Here's a few comments on mgoblog:

"This has been an extremely disappointing day in the Michigan recruiting world."

This is becoming common. "I'M GONNA VISIT MICHIGAN" ... 5 mins later ..."I'm no longer visiting Michigan." WTF

"The idiot boasting around here about how Harbaugh is just going to march in and grab whatever kid he wants from any school regardless of the fact that the kid has had a relationship with the other coach for a year or two and has known JH for maybe two weeks is entertaining. The meltdown at our first loss of the Harbaugh era is going to be epic."

"Even Harbaugh isn't going to get them all. It's one of the consequences of running an ethical program. However, it should be obvious to anyone watching that Harbaugh is an even better recruiter than Brady Hoke, who did a wonderful job in that department while he was at Michigan."

"The kind of kid that chooses michigan commits in July and gets the process done with early. Not sure why, they just do. It seems a lot of these kids like to have their ego stroked by harbaughs celebrity. Shut it down, work on 2016."

"O poo"

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