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Tomorrow is international Bacon Day, as well as some other significant sporting event.

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August 29, 2014 at 11:40am

Linked above is a pretty darn good sampling of some very good bacon recipes. Since tomorrow is International Bacon Day, I thought I would share this with our 11W fellow bacon lovers. I did not find the bacon rum recipe that I beleive is one of the 11w"s staff writers favorite rum drinks, but these are pretty good on their own.

From sandwiches to desserts, to jams and drinks. The many wonderful recipes for bacon make this item a favorite all over the world. Last year one of or 11W brave souls posted the one pound bacon sandwich, however they never stated outright that they had eaten it.

I would like to hear from my other 11W comrades some their favorite bacon recipes and/or pre-game food favorites.

So as you prepare to watch the pigskin being kicked and hurled all over the field tomorrow, Take the time to enjoy some of that same hogs, namsakes lovely cripsed, delectable treats as part of your pre-game preparation.

Bacon Jam, really, I have to get some of that. Go Bucks!

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