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B1G Coaches on the hot seat

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May 15, 2014 at 6:28pm

Excluding Kirk Ferentz and his inexplicable ass saving contract, which coach is feeling the heat this upcoming season? Tim Beckman has fought an uphill battle since he arrived in Champaign but then again it IS Illinois, so the expectations shouldn't be all that high. My pick is Buckeye Alum Bo Pelini. He had a few good years before Nebraska left the Big 12 but I think the folks in Lincoln will start growing impatient after little hardware in the Huskers' first 5 seasons in the B1G. They won't be the same caliber as tOSU and MSU. Penn State is picking up some nice momentum after hiring James Franklin (although we will see what he produces on the field) and theres also that other team from that state up north. Nebraska has a rich tradition and I'm not sure that the boosters and alumni will be satisfied with finishing in the middle of the pack every season-sprinkling in the occassional division title. Although he is a decent coach, Im afraid that his less than flattering comments about the fan base only burnt what few bridges Bo had left. He is not a charismatic coach and his record is far from stellar. Will the Huskers hold on to their tradition and strive for greatness, or are they satisfied with being another "Iowa" in the B1G? Who ya got on your hot seat dubsters?

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