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TSUN teacher takes fanbase and NCAA to task

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April 25, 2014 at 9:26pm

So step off.  Lay off my student, who is, after all, doing nothing more than what we should all want for ourselves and those we love: imperfectly going about the work of making his real life look like his dreams.  Instead of  stewing in your suburban hole where you stoke the glowing embers of your resentment by bullying those weaker than you and berating the strong from a safe distance, all in the guise of pseudo-objective moral judgments, try to step up and make your own life what you’d like it to be.  It’s not too late for you.  It’s never too late.

Or, you could just light up a j and relax. After all, no one is watching you…

It's a pretty good read -

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