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TSUN and the hate

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April 25, 2014 at 6:38pm

I see this all over and instead of replying to each comment I'll just address it here. This was brought up by me seeing a negative comment towards Mitch McGary (he plays for TSUN, good thing he got suspended, etc). I totally understand the hate for TSUN but I am disgusted by the amount of player hate I see on here or any OSU board for that matter. They're all just young men trying to achieve their lifelong dream and make a life for themselves. I wish the best for Stauskas, Denard Robinson, GR3, etc in their pro careers. Of course I never want them to beat us, but I never want them to personally fail in life. A lot of you on this board are grown men and I feel like a lot of you disregard that these players are human beings as well.

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