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Penn State has 10 O.O.C. games scheduled through 2016

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April 1, 2014 at 9:39pm

2014: U of Central Florida (in Dublin, Ireland), Akron, UMass and Temple

2015: @ Temple, Buffalo and San Diego State

2016: Kent State, @ Pitt, Temple

Now, I admitt tOSU has had a couple of bad OOC years the past 2 with a Vanderbilt renig, and Cal being horrendous, but at least we get 1 BCS Conference school to play a year, at minimum.  Penn State is working on having 1 BCS Conference opponent OOC in 3 YEARS. What gives?

Wisconsin, who is historically bad at challenging themselves OOC, even has a home/home with LSU and a neutral site matchup with Alabama in that time span

Iowa jumps in with a yearly intra state matchup with Iowa State and has a home/home with Pitt

Michigan has Notre Dame, a home/home with Utah, Oregon State and Colorado in the next 3 years.

Sparty has a home/home tilt with Oregon to go along with a 2016 game against Notre Lame

Nebraska has a home/home with Miami, Fla and then starts a series with Oregon

 The Buckeyes have a home/home with Va Tech, 2014 Cincinnati, then 2016 at Oklahoma

Not sure what PSU thinks it is accomplishing by not challenging themselves on the field, unless they are willing to become a middle of the pack conference player, which they may, if they don't compete against good opponents




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