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Pentagon to Release (some) UFO Findings.... 2020 Just Keeps on Giving

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July 31, 2020 at 1:47pm

Waaaaaay off topic I know, but was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast on a recent road trip where he alluded to a NYT article discussing the Pentagon (soon) releasing some previously undisclosed information regarding their study of UFO phenomena. Of interest are these quotes:

Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon U.F.O. program since 2007, said that, in some cases, examination of the materials had so far failed to determine their source and led him to conclude, “We couldn’t make it ourselves.”

Mr. Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

This comes after the Pentagon released previously classified footage from Naval fighter aircraft of UFO's off the East and West coasts of the US.

Let's not get political at all... but I found this information, from reputable sources, to be truly intriguing. 2020 has to be the strangest year ever in modern history, and we're only three quarters of the way through it. 

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