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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The improbable NC run in 14', so great because no one expected it.
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Comment 23 Apr 2019

To me, the only way to do that is to land a top QB every cycle, and expect probably 2-3 of them out of a 4 year cycle to transfer. Then hope your “starter” in waiting develops as hoped, or else you’re hitting the transfer portal hoping to land a big time QB transferring from another blue blood for playing time. The days of a big time QB committing, and waiting his turn for 3-4 years with other big time QB’s in front and behind of him are over. Every year there are 128 D1 schools that need a starting QB, and 500+ QB’s that want to start. Of course there’s going to be movement if the NCAA isn’t going to punish them for it. Just my take.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

George T Stagg is about as mythical as "The Pappy's", you just never see it. Stagg Jr is fairly available, at least in Louisville, if you want to pony up $80-100 for it. For my money, not worth it as a drinker, but nice to have in the collection. Eagle rare is just about everywhere in Louisville. Weller on the other hand is just about impossible to find. Weller Special Reserve is probably the best bourbon out there under $30 retail, although a lot of places will mark it up quite a bit. Antique 107 is a really good higher proof bourbon if that's your thing, and Weller 12 year is my favorite bourbon, period. Happy hunting!

Comment 10 Mar 2019

I'm curious, has anyone attended and can describe what the cruise/experience was like? The header photo would seem to indicate a pretty big party, and who doesn't love a party that benefits a great cause?!?! Do former players attend? Coaches? Any autograph or speaking sessions? Just curious how "buckeye" this cruise is..

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Norte Dame gets tagged to him because his mother, a devout Catholic.. as is Urban, was a Notre Dame fan. I think he even had a clause in his early contracts for a UM out, but I would guess that is no longer the case after having coaches OSU. I don’t really see a come back with any team other than ND or OSU, but props to him either way... he certainly delivered when he was here. 

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Totally agree... I sincerely hope if he does get back into coaching, the OSU fan base treats him much better than Florida’s did after he retired. He brought them two NC’s, and they were nothing but classless and crude when he took the OSU job! Be thankful for the success he’s brought to our program.. no fan is entitled to a “winning” team... it’s a blessing!!!!

Comment 25 Nov 2018

<Raises hand tentatively> 

I didn't think we were going to lose three straight, but I was certainly pretty pessimistic about our chances vs TTUN. So much so that I planned a day of chores and yardwork in lieu of watching The Game. After monitoring the first half on Gamecast, I came inside to watch the second half... and damn I'm glad i did. Call me a Chicken Little, call me whatever... I'm just happy I was totally wrong in predicting how the game would play out.

<Eating spoonfuls of crow now>

Comment 08 Nov 2018

15' was a year of being perpetually outcoached. Everyone, including the coaches, knew what kind of talent that team had. I believe this is, unfortunately, another year of the same. OSU has the personnel to play with anyone, but not the coaching. Meyer made some changes after 15', I'll expect the same after this season. Or so I hope...

Comment 08 Nov 2018

Logged in to upvote your comment... this team is lost and lacking leadership. I'm hoping for a narrow win, at best. This site could serve as a true laboratory for Realist vs Optimist theory regarding sports.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

I get your point, I do. But an offseason long drama at QB, the ZS scandal, Urban's suspension, a team that has underperformed as a whole for most of the season, and coming off an ugly loss to an unranked opponent (again). Worse yet, nearly everyone saw the team regressing, and many predicted the Purdue loss. With the resume to date, do you really believe this is a top ten team? With the games played now, do they have a clear statement win (or two)? I'd say no... lets hope the bye week has treated them very well.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

Ugh, what a mess this season has turned into. I completely agree with you, its far more coaching and scheme than it is individual tackling... just goes to show the state of the team and coaches right now. The team has had glaring issues from game 1, yet all we've gotten is a bunch of coach-speak and no improvement... this gives me little hope for improvement in the Nebraska game.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

Maybe I didnt make my point very clearly. You implied that their may have been discussions about Day coaching the first three games before any of the ZS scandal broke... I just strongly disagree. I think the ZS scandal broke, and the AD was forced to choose an interim HC because Urban clearly wasnt going to be available. Day was the only logical choice with no history or scandal.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

I think you're creating a conspiracy where this isnt one. Schiano literally lost the Tennessee HC job over player mistreatment accusations, and Wilson was run out of Indiana for the same reason. it would have bewn a bad look, and created even more controversy, if OSU had made either of them interim HC. The smart and safe choice was Day, and he delivered. 

Comment 29 Oct 2018

You’re a grade school or high school team player, as am I....  there are thousands of us on this website. The game, and goals, change when you start talking about millions of dollars on the line. High level D1 football is something very few of us commenters know or understand... I imagine if it were YOUR millions on the line, you might think a little differently.

Comment 28 Oct 2018

Not trying to be snarky here, I'm genuinely curious. Do you truly WANT a playoff berth with this team? Do you have confidence that they could snag one, and then play well enough to justify being given said playoff spot? 

I've never been an optimist, and this team is pure pessimist validation  This team just gives me nightmares.

Comment 27 Oct 2018

He bullshit's them, and I really think he believes it. He preaches competition as a core principle of his coaching style, yet once starters are announced, their really isn't ever any competition for that position until the player leaves the program. It's not really "competition" if once you win a starting spot, you have it until you leave OSU. 

Serious question, can anyone name a player that lost his starting position the following season to a younger, better player?

Comment 27 Oct 2018

Wouldn't it be amazing to hear a reporter at one of the presser's ask,

"Coach, you preach competition to the team, the coaches, and the fans all year long. How do you explain the decision to stay with your current offensive line even though they've underperformed and regressed all year? And in that same line of logic, is Bill Davis really the best LB coach you could have on the sideline right now?"

Comment 27 Oct 2018

I think it's a culture issue, both coaches and players. There's little leadership, and no accountability. Meyer needed to can Bill Davis Monday morning... EVERYONE (including former players) can see he has no business being on OSU's sideline. I know Meyer has said before that he is reluctant to bench guy's for penalties.. And I agree with him for the first few games. We're in the last stretch of the regular season.. Guys like Prince need to be pulled when they start accruing penalties.. It's not like the Oline could be much worse without him. Start mixing more youth in at linebacker, Oline, and the secondary. The play may not get any better because of inexperience, but I bet those guys would play much harder.

TL/DR - Meyer needs to make a few fundamental changes to how he coaches, or this team will get walloped a couple more times this year.