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Comment 18 Jan 2020

People make decisions based on what motivates them, right? What possible nefarious motivation could Etienne have that would cause him to stay in school?

Money: He'll make much more going pro.

PED's: He'll get those in the league too.

Girls: He"ll have even more when he's a millionaire NFL player.

So what's motivating him? It has to be something other than "Clemson is cheating". While I agree with you that the whole system is corrupt, I just don't see where the NCAA's preferential treatmen of southern teams has anything to do with him returning to school?

Maybe he just wants to earn a degree, win another NC, etc. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

The kid is a projected 1st rounder... he would have signed a guaranteed multimillion dollar contract. Take off your tinfoil hat my man, Dabo isn't paying him MILLIONS of dollars to stay. Is it soooo implausible that maybe he wants to earn a degree, win another CFP Championship, or play another year with his Team? To be clear... he may well be geting $500 handshakes, but he's not staying just because of "bagmen" and the money. That's a pretty low IQ thought process...

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if the SEC Booth officials we're leaned on a little to ensure questionable calls went Clemson's way. Just seems odd that in what, 4-5 plays that no flags were thrown, or officials on the field made the call one way, that every single time the booth got involved... it went in favor of Clemson. 

Something isn't right there.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Great post... and I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more negative coverage of the replay officials. It was an all SEC crew, the officials on the field weren't bad, but the guys in the booth who kept initiating reviews certainly were. And Herbie isn't lying, ESPN would have LOVED the narrative of an OSU/LSU national championship game.

<Puts on tin foil hat> What are the chances an SEC executive could exert a little influence on the replay officials to make questionable calls go Clemson'w way? In the interest of securing another SEC Natty, would exec's rather LSU be playing Ohio State, or Clemson?

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Great take CowCat... I'd posit another scenario. Go after one of those criminally underrated 3* guys (like a Cam Martinez), lock him up, and focus on one 4 or 5* guy with everything you have. While we all hope Williams makes the best of this opportunity and shines one day, he was very cleary a plan C at best. Thats a tough pill for OSU fans to swallow, especially given the history of the position at Ohio State. Just seems like, ironically, Alford shot for the stars, but ended up on the moon instead.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

It’s literally one of my favorite sites to visit, just for that reason. It’s a negative feedback loop trapped in an echo chamber. They talk so flippantly about us cheating and paying players that most of them whole- heartedly believe it, right along with UM running a clean program and making their players attend class on campus. It’s almost cute, kinda childlike.. that they’re so stupid they don’t even know what they don’t know.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I implore all 11W readers to grab a bowl of popcorn and cruise over there...  that site is the epitomy of what an echo chamber ultimately becomes. Almost all of the posters' have legitmately convinced themselves they "won't break NCAA rules or lower admission standards to recruit the kind of "thugs" OSU recruits", and the only reason OSU has been successful is through bagmen and cheating. A few are more rational, noting that winning and NFL development play a role in a recruit's decision... but hell, most of them are legitimately so far up their own ass, they have no base in reality. It's absolutely amazing to read.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

The ACC is GARBAGE. Unless Florida St, Louisville, or Miami suddenly rises up and returns to be a perennially ranked team, there is exactly one monster in that conference, and nobody will ever expect Hafley to beat Clemson. BC plays Holy Cross, Ohio (Bobcats), Kansas (who beat them this year), and Purdue next year OOC. Those are four winnable games, on top of the easy conference schedule.. I think Hafley made a smart decision. Go out and recruit well (like he already does), take BC to a 9-10 win season a couple years in a row.. and he'll be getting looks from the blue blood programs.