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CrossFit....Good Night Sweet Prince

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June 8, 2020 at 10:30am

Just posting for those unaware, sometimes these kinds of stories don't always cross over into everyone's world.

The BLUF: The Crossfit CEO who has a long-standing and well-known reputation for being an asshole among other things made some publicly racial and insensitive statements following recent events, and now there is massive international blowback.

Major sponsors Reebok, and Rogue have ended their relationships with CrossFit, and something like 350 and counting affiliated gyms across the country have done so as well. Additionally, many of their flagship athletes have also denounced them and have said they will not compete at their competitive events any longer.

To provide some context, gyms that use the name CrossFit in the title of their gym pay an annual due, which is not cheap, to be able to use the name. This does not get them much from the HQ perspective but gets them the marketing and client throughput.  Gyms have existed and thrived without using the name, but most of the small to moderate-sized gyms will tell you that there is a strong financial benefit to being affiliated.

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