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11W Financially Intelligent Folks...advice Needed

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September 11, 2019 at 3:05pm

So, with my job situation somewhat settling down (I'm not working 70-80 hour weeks anymore for right now) I have started trying to get other aspects of my life together.  I did the math, and if I pay a given amount of each pay check towards my debt, I could be debt free by 40 (three years or so).  At that point I could try to figure out life again, maybe start a new venture or something else.  Maybe even buy a home.  My credit isn't very good (though its much better than the low 400s it was less than a decade ago....i don't come from sound financial advice giving parents god bless em).  My bigger question is, is it really going to benefit me to pay my debts down that much or that fast?  Roughly 75-80% of my debt is student loans, but will it even make that big of a deal on my credit rating to pay all that off in that time?  


Yeah, I understand it's a bit of a ramble, but if you could pay yourself out of debt in three years with some work, would you do it?  Would it be worth the struggle?



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