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OT - Anyone Have Any Experience with Wood Pellet Grills Such As the Traeger?

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August 12, 2019 at 10:11am

Actually - after 11 years my Weber Grill went caput and I’m strongly considering  making the move to the Traeger Timberline series as we do a lot of beef ribs during football season and we do a lot of just regular chicken, steak, seafood and vegetables - it seems as if I could get rid of both my current smoker and grill and use the Traeger- I was wondering what thoughts are on the Traeger (or other wood pellet grills) and if you use it to both grill and smoke - seems like the only complaint online I see is that it doesn’t get hot enough to sear but it seems with the timberline if your drop the grate all the way to the bottom it gets over 500 degrees pretty easy - and I’m seeing conflicting reviews on how easy it is to clean...

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