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Joe's Annual "Vacation Advice" Thread

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April 7, 2019 at 1:28pm

So, as I do every year, I am coming to you knowledgeable folks for advice for my upcoming two and a half week reprieve from my miserable job.  Here is the basic itinerary to start with, the end portion is where I am looking for input.  Every year I try to add something new to the "stuff I've done" list.


June 3rd fly to Salt Lake City, visit Zion National Park for a day, then driving to Yellowstone to spend a few days.


June 7th fly to Vegas to compete in the WSOP and donate my money for the third consecutive year.  I am in Vegas till the 12th or 13th then this is where the conundrum pops in.


Things I have thought of


1) going back to Colorado to summit Mt. Elbert, a mountain I failed to climb three years ago.

2)  Fly to Seattle, get a one way rental, and truly drive the entire length of the PCH (not just the California portion like last year) and stop off to see sights and whatnot.

3) Fly to seattle and take the Coast Starlight train down the coast to LA, then from there go to San Diego and visit some friends again.

4) This is where yall chip in....or vote for something above.  Guide me folks.



I also won't turn down ideas in the places I am already going as well.



Thanks in advance!



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