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Can Everyone Please Be Cordial with One Another and Think Before Posting?

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January 27, 2019 at 8:20am

Good Morning 11Wers,

I am just a reader and occasional poster on these boards first off and some of you may feel that it isn’t my place to be writing this and I understand that. Recently, in a large  amount of topics posted on these boards there has been a clear spike in name calling and attacking between fellow 11Wers. I admit that I may have had some issues with some of this in the past, but I am asking if we could please start being more cordial with one another and think before hitting that send button. One it’s not pleasant to open up a topic thinking there are substantive posts only to find it is constant bickering and two, before the MODs get to the posts to edit, some of the things being said are extremely uncalled for and make this community look disfunctional. We are a community with different views but an affinity for Ohio State all in the same. We should value each other views even if we can’t come to an agreement and we shouldn’t be looking to hide behind a keyboard to vent frustration wherever that frustration is coming. If you start feeling angry, take a deep breath and navigate away from the site until you can respond in a way that’s going to be in an acceptable way. At the end of the day, we are all 11Wers and I hope this community can take a step forward in the near future. Thank you guys.

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