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What is your favorite Bourbon? (Holiday Gift Help Needed)

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December 20, 2016 at 3:31pm

I figure this is the as good of a place as any to get Bourbon advice so I need your help. Like a damn fool I offered to get my Uncle, who is a connoisseur of sorts, a nice bottle of Bourbon from the Christmas list he sent to the family. 

I drink quite a bit and anyone who puts booze on such a list is a friend of mine so I was all about it. However I realized I do not know the first thing about Bourbon and I am running out of time. 

I would like to stick with something unconventional so I look like I know what I am talking about and am also looking to move into favorite nephew territory so my budget is anywhere up to $50 for the bottle. 

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. 


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