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Wedding Saturday - What. The. F.

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December 4, 2014 at 2:04pm

So I put this under the "Anything Else" Forum even though it relates to OSU Football, because I am look for a suggestion unrelated to football.

My wife's best friend is getting married Saturday.  (I'm sure someone will like Ramzy's article about how this is a no-no) - this is terrible.  The couple getting married and their families are a good time, fun people that drink too much and embarrass themselves.  On any other night, this would be a great Saturday night.  Not so on this night. Can anyone tell me how to sneak out of the reception for 3 full hours to watch the game, without getting caught?  Do I get a Fat Head (TM) of myself with a beer in-hand, and stick it on the wall of the room?  Do I pretend I have to pee for 3 hours?  Help!


TL;DR - how do i make it look like I'm at a wedding reception for 3 hours without being at a wedding reception for 3 hours?

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