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Coombs, Ash and the Nuge - MVGC

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June 1, 2014 at 6:54pm

I was at the Memorial earlier today and happened upon a pretty cool encounter...

I was walking when a marshal stopped us as some golfers were coming through. I looked up and noticed Coombs and Ash standing there talking to each other. As the rope was removed and the path opened, Mike Nugent passed by and noticed Coombs. He stopped to talk and then Coombs introduced Ash and the Nuge. I heard Nuge give Ash a line something like "yeah, I used to play a little ball for the Buckeyes back in the day."  And then It looked to click with Ash who he was talking to. They had a quick exchange and a couple jokes, then all went on their way. 

Nothing too crazy...but was funny to overhear. 

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