Charles Woodson is Not Having a Great Time on the Big Noon Kickoff

By 11W Staff on September 21, 2019 at 12:09 pm

Fox Sports' Big Noon Kickoff has been looking to make a splash in the college football pregame world, and if making former Wolverine Charles Woodson break down how Ohio State and Urban Meyer destroyed the Michigan defense in 2018 is how they're looking to do it... well, we're not complaining.

But wait! It gets worse (or, actually, much better), because after the Wolverines were utterly dismantled by the Wisconsin Badgers, he had to trudge back on to talk about that:

Given that Woodson is going to have to explain bad Michigan losses all season and given that Meyer steadfastly refuses to utter the word "Michigan" on the show and this most recent red meat, Big Noon Kickoff looks to be on its way of being the Ohio State fan pregame show of choice.

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