Video: Michigan Man Wearing AC-DC Shirt Melts Down After Double Overtime Loss to Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on November 27, 2016 at 8:48 am

YouTube user "undertakerfreak1127" could be a fan of the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler or the cryptic profession itself.

What's clearer: He likes Michigan and AC-DC, and he squats in the office of a car lot abandoned in 1976. Oh, and he's mad about Michigan losing to Ohio State for the fifth year in a row.

Here are some gems from his six and a half minute soliloquy, but be advised this is military grade schadenfreude, a highly addictive substance, that also includes some cuss words:

"Tyler Durbin of Ohio State should have been the biggest bum to come out of this football game."


"But Michigan gave him a chance to redeem himself. Tied up the game. And we all know what happened after that, don't we? We all know what happened after that, huh! This was supposed to be the year! This was supposed to be the year! All praise Jim Harbaugh. We're finally going to beat Ohio St—BULLSHIT!

"You wanna know who I consider the biggest bum to come out of this game? Not Wilton Speight. Mother fucker was playing hurt. He probably shouldn't have been playing in that game. Yeah, his turnovers fucked us over, but you know what? Not Wilton Speight. Not our defense.


"You wanna to throw your fucking playbook, and you wanna throw your headset? You can do it now, you know why? You're not going to get fifteen fucking yards... if you're throwing everything in the fucking locker room around. You can throw the biggest temper tantrum the world has ever seen now! You're not going to get penalized 15 yards right after getting a fucking offside penalty and giving them half the distance to the fucking goal! And then a fucking touchdown!

"Go ahead Jim, throw everything!"

[Sigh of disgust]

Hey, he handled it better than Harbaugh.

What's notable about this documentary is not just the dynamite dialogue of a man whose world is crumbling before his eyes, but also the range of human emotion he portrays through body language:

Soul Ethers

I expect "Michigan 27 Ohio State 30. Stop Blaming the Refs." to roll over the competition at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Stick around until the end when he cuts up a Michigan shirt.

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