Dustin Fox's Faith in the Buckeyes is Rewarded

By Johnny Ginter on March 23, 2019 at 9:59 am

We here at Eleven Warriors stridently believe (as finely elocuted by The Simpsons) that gambling is one of the finest things a man can do, if he's good at it.

If he's not, well, then he's Clay Travis and he shouldn't give advice about it because we'll dunk on him for an entire college football season and make money on his bad bets.

If he does happen to be good at it, however, he's former Ohio State football player Dustin Fox, who dropped one thousand American dollars a few hours before last night's basketball game predicting that the Buckeyes would upset Iowa State despite being over five point dogs at the beginning of the game.

And by the way, enormous props to Dustin for posting this thing online where we could all gawk at it and make mean jokes before the game. It shows a certain admirable certitude in your pick and also says to the world, "Hey, I have the ability to literally throw a grand into a trash can and set it on fire."

As it turns out, it was a magical trash can that did not in fact burn Fox's money but instead more than doubled it. The winning payout was $2150, every single penny of which was earned.

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