Michigan State Loses to Connecticut in East Regional Final

By Vico on March 30, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Michigan State, a trendy pick to win the NCAA Tournament (and the President's projected winner) lost to Connecticut this afternoon in Madison Square Garden. The 70-64 defeat will prevent the Big Ten from possibly boasting three-fourths of the Final Four participants in North Texas. That much is also contingent on the upcoming Kentucky-Michigan game.

It also had the side effect of tarnishing Tom Izzo's legacy in a small but important way. Previously, Tom Izzo could boast having every senior class of his participate in at least one Final Four. The last Michigan State Final Four appearance was in 2010. With the loss to Connecticut, that claim is no longer correct. Izzo and Michigan State fans could adjust it to saying that every redshirt senior class has appeared in at least one Final Four for Michigan State, but that would depend on next year's tournament.

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