Carlos Hyde is Now @El_Guapo34 on Twitter

By Jason Priestas on March 13, 2013 at 3:27 am

It started as a poll, created nearly two years ago. The 2011 opener was still a couple of weeks away, but something had been driving Johnny nuts. Enter the Ginter Conjecture:

In a five-way Rage in the Cage match between OSU running backs, who emerges victorious?

The five were all given wrestling nicknames but one name in particular, Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde, caught fire. From that point on, Hyde's guaponess would be celebrated here at Eleven Warriors. El Guapo showed up in subsequent polls, made regular appearances in our forum and earned a spot on our terminology page.

Last week, Michael wrote Raw Hyde: The Return of El Guapo, celebrating Hyde's role as a power back in Urban Meyer's offense.

Carlos noticed.

This site has been good to us. We've been lucky enough to meet fantastic people, perform incredibly rewarding work for charities and slowly build what we believe to be the internet's best Buckeye sports bar.

But, this is the first time an active Ohio State football player has openly embraced an 11W nickname.

And for that, we'll dance a little. Let it be known that March 11 of every year will henceforth be El Guapo Day.

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