Texas Tech Alum Wants to Make Kliff Kingsbury Hip

By Ross Fulton on March 4, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Deadpsin got its hands on an email from Texas Tech alum and Lubbock clothing store proprietor Stephen Spiegelberg (no not the director of Jurassic Park) outlining steps the school could take to improve the image of new head coach Kliff Kingsbury. One could be forgiven for mistaking the email as a hoax. The ideas are mostly ridiculous, and prove once and for all that there is absolutely nothing to do in Lubbock.

A few of the suggestions:

  • Get Kingsbury a nickname. Suggestions include "GQ," "Hollywood," and "Swagger."
  • Get Kingsbury a professional stylist, specifically Fred Segal, who has apparently styled "Micheal" Jackson, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Ashley Olson, Bruce Willis, The Beatles, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert. "The list goes on," boasts Spieglberg.
  • Get Kingsbury on the "B-list," which will somehow lead to his being invited to the Oscars and Grammys. Also New York Fashion Week


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