Monday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on December 30, 2013 at 6:00 am

The Buckeyes arrived in Miami over the weekend, and Noah Spence did not make the trip. Urban Meyer said Spence is working through some "personal issues," and OSU's coach hopes the star defensive end will be able to join the team later this week and play in the Orange Bowl.

In other Silver Bullet news: Last week, freshman safety Vonn Bell was reportedly in line to start in OSU's final game of the campaign, and Urban Meyer has since confirmed the former five-star product from Tennessee will start in Ohio State's nickel package; it's the base package Ohio State will deploy in efforts to shut down Clemson's dynamic attack.

It's been a helluva run for the Ohio State football Buckeyes, and this is the last game week for months on end. Sure, at one time crystal footballs danced in our heads, but beating Clemson in a BCS bowl isn't the worst capstone of an era. 

#BeatClemson, indeed.

BILL O'BRIEN IS ROLLING PRO. When I left y'all on Friday, Bill O'Brien was reportedly at the top of the Texans' wish list in their hunt for a new coach. Since then, the situation has evolved. Via ESPN's network of whispers:

Bill O'Brien has emerged as the overwhelming favorite to become the next coach of the Houston Texans, and the two sides are working to get a deal in place within the next week, league sources told ESPN.

O'Brien met with the Texans this week after Christmas at his home in Cape Cod, resulting in intensified discussions they hope will culminate with a finalized contract, the sources said.

O'Brien has had his eyes on the NFL since he left New England's coordinator booth, so this isn't shocking news. What will probably shock most people is who Penn State has (reportedly) set within their sights:

Oh gosh. Greg Schiano? Really, Penn State? That's the guy who tops your list to be your third coach since Prohibition?

Man, I hate the Big Ten.

The ironic part is Penn State could have an uphill battle for his services; Jay Glazer reported Schiano has earned another year as Buccaneers' frontman, so Penn State would (theoretically) have to make a hell of a pitch to Schiano. Hopefully some sense comes to them before they make that mistake.


FRANK CLARK, FAMILY MAN. Ohio State last saw former Glenville Tarblooder and Michigan defensive end Frank Clark making plays and dumb personal fouls in The Game. On Saturday night, however, Clark and the Wolverines were in action in the famous Processed Chicken Bowl. 

Michigan, of course, was throttled. While some (read: most) have been quick to blame Brady Hoke and his staff, Frank Clark offers a different theory:

I think a lot of guys just lost the will to play as a family. That’s one thing you can’t do in football. In football, you’ve got to stick in there and stay together as a family. That’s something we’ve got to work on going into the offseason and spring ball and summer camp.

You’ve got to be able to play as a family. It’s football, an 11-man team that’s going to be on the field at one time, those 11 guys got to be able to play together at all times. Everyone has a job on the field. If one person doesn’t do their job, it affects the whole team. When you’ve got a bunch of guys who are going to buy into that and want to be a part of that family-like atmosphere, you’ll have a great team.

Make sure these guys understand how to finish. Me being around for going on my fourth year, it’s going to be key for me to make the underclassmen ... understand how important it is to fight. You’ve got to be able fight, though the meat and all the extra stuff, you’ve got to be able to fight through it all.

This is why I didn't feel any reasonability to cheer for Michigan in the fabled Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. The Big Ten was not getting respect from that game regardless. Michigan, an alleged B1G heavyweight, playing in the freakin' Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl was a lose-lose proposition for the B1G. (And, in the end, simply a lose situation for the Wolverines.)

HEY RICH ROD, HOW YOU DOIN BROSEPH? Let's check in on old friend of the program, Rich Rodriguez:

Some people with stern faces say things like, "A GOOD MICHIGAN IS GOOD FOR THE BIG TEN," but I ain't buyin' that trash. I hope Michigan wallows in mediocrity until the day my life is snuffed from me.

Michigan isn't good and they haven't been since Ohioan Charles Woodson roamed the sidelines. For those scoring at home: that was last millennium.

May Dick Rod ride for another 300 years.


  • Bell Helicopter Bowl - Navy vs. Middle Tennessee - 11:45 AM
  • AdvoCare Bowl - Arizona vs. Boston College - 3:15 PM
  • Alamo Bowl - Oregon vs. Texas - 6:45 PM
  • Holiday Bowl - Arizona State vs. Texas Tech - 10:15 PM

Hmmm... yeah I can't really get myself interested in these games beyond watching ironically and making dumb jokes on Twitter. Sorry, Mack Brown's last stand. 

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