Two Ohio State Assistant Cheerleading Coaches Fired for Sexual Harassment

By D.J. Byrnes on November 18, 2013 at 12:45 pm
OSU Cheerleaders

The Lantern dropped a well-reported story today on Ohio State cheerleading, and the picture it paints is not very pretty:

When nine Ohio State cheerleaders were questioned during an investigation into sexual harassment allegations brought against two assistant coaches, none of the students were surprised a complaint was filed. The coaches’ behavior, which included hinting at sex and touching team members inappropriately, was described as “creepy,” but it was conduct the cheerleaders had come to expect.

... The two coaches were fired in May after an OSU investigation found “sufficient evidence” both men had violated the university’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

OSU received an anonymous complaint via EthicsPoint, OSU’s anonymous reporting line, April 6 that accused OSU assistant cheerleading coaches Eddie Hollins and Dana Bumbrey of creating a hostile environment by sexually harassing cheerleaders, according to investigation records obtained by The Lantern. The report alleged Hollins had specifically harassed male cheerleaders, while Bumbrey had specifically harassed female cheerleaders.

Head coach Lenee Buchman was disciplined this summer for not following proper protocol with reporting a complaint she had received against her assistant coaches.  She has been retained by the university.

Again, props to The Lantern for a well-reported story.

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