He's Baaaaaccckkk!

By Johnny Ginter on August 31, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Love him or... aww who am I kidding? How can anyone hate this beautiful, wonderful boy? Johnny Manziel is a terrific human being who loves life and just wants to be understood by a country that sometimes doesn't embrace his monkeyshines the way that it should.

Anyway, Manziel sat out the first half in accordance with the wishes of the NCAA, and then came back in and had a solid (if not particularly spectacular, although 3 TDs on 7/9 passing is preeeeettyyy good) second half. A&M didn't really need his help to win, but on the other hand if you're giving up 31 points to Rice you better hope that your offense is clicking on all cylinders. The highlight of the game was Manziel taunting an opposing player by pretending to sign an autograph. God, I love that kid.

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