Miami Tuesday: Practice Updates

By Kyle Rowland on August 28, 2012 at 7:51 pm

Ohio State is one day closer to Saturday’s season opener versus Miami (Ohio). And they are happy for that because Monday and Tuesday are in the past. The beginning of the week provided grueling practices for the team. 

Improved throwing? Check.

Two more “real” days of practice remain, with Friday being designated for a walk-through. At Tuesday’s practice three more black stripes were removed: Craig Fada, Armani Reeves and Craig Cataline. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of the two Craigs it’s because they are walk-ons.

  • Braxton Miller said he’s eager to get his black jersey off for Saturday’s game. He said not being able to scramble has made him improve at making reads and completing passes.
  • Entering his sophomore season, Miller believes he’s a more mature player and a better leader.
  • Because of the complexity of the offense, Miller says it can be more difficult to grasp compared to last year. He has to make much quicker reads.
  • Miller said he feels natural in the offense this season and comfortable in the pocket, something he didn’t experience last year. He was never really able to get comfortable until the end of the season.
  • Bloody Tuesdays require mental toughness, Miller said.
  • The offense improves every day in practice simply by going against the Ohio State defense, according to Miller.


  • Miller said an ideal game for pass attempts would be between 18 and 20.
  • Jake Stoneburner’s move to wide receiver has opened up a lot of possibilities, Miller said, because he is so versatile.
  • Defensive lineman and captain Garrett Goebel said the emergence of the freshman at that position has added considerable depth to the line.
  • In practice today, Goebel said he was observing Tommy Schutt and thought to himself, “Where’d that come from,” because he’s only a freshman, yet performing so well.
  • On the Nathan Williams front, Goebel was coy, saying he’s been a part of drills and is looking to play. He didn’t shed too much light and said he didn’t want to ruin any surprises. It could be a joke or he could be serious. We will find out Saturday.
  • Goebel said one reason the freshmen have risen to the two-deep is because they’re so coachable and are able to pull through tough days.
  • Now that he’s a captain, Goebel said his responsibilities have not changed and that he’s always tried to be a leader, regardless of his title or position on the depth chart.
  • Goebel said some of the younger guys have asked him more questions, but everything is mostly the same.
  • Running back Carlos Hyde raved about the offense, saying fans can expect more explosive plays this season.
  • Hyde said if the execution is sound, every play could be explosive.
  • There will be quicker scoring drives and the Buckeyes will move the ball down field in a hurry, Hyde said.
  • Hyde said Bloody Tuesday has more live periods and more instances of the first-team offense and defense going against each other.
  • Cornerback Travis Howard, coming off a disappointing season, said Urban Meyer told him he was going to push him and get the most out of him. 
  • Howard said he is thankful for the coaching staff making him compete and become a better player.
  • From Howard’s vantage point, Philly Brown is the playmaker on offense. He said they try to get him the ball any way they can.
  • Howard said Brown has been making big plays throughout camp.
  • The first time he heard about Bloody Tuesday, Howard said he was worried. After going through it, he said it is all about mental toughness.
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