Eleven Dubcast: The Shape of Things to Come

By Luke Zimmermann on February 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm

(S/O OrlandoBuckeye and future Stanford Cardinal Meg Lentz. We'll never forget the ceremony we all shared.)

National Signing Day. It's just like if college football decided to stage its own Super Bowl but it wasn't actually a game and instead was a bunch of athletic eighteen year olds filling out paper work and sending them via facsimile machines. I jest; the day where hope springs eternal for every team in the land (and we can safely emphasize 'Spring' with the likes of Midland, Texas getting more aggregate snow fall than Minneapolis or Chicago this "Winter" *knocks on wood from ancient Indian burial ground*) has come and gone, and with it so has any trepidations about the future of the Ohio State football program.

Despite adopting a class many felt earmarked for fringe Top 20-Top 25 status, the take-no-prisoner new regime of Urban Meyer and co. dropped the mic having hauled in a consensus top 5 nationally recruiting class. 'Sup, Brady?

In order to pay the occasion the grand attention it deserves, Johnny and yours truly dive right in into the day that was. We also welcome in the phenomenal Marc Givler of BuckeyeGrove.com infamy to provide some expert analysis on the class, give us the latest on the Davonte Neal situation, as well as give us a look ahead to the best of the 2013 recruiting class. Signing Day'd out or not, you'll want to book end your experience with this podcast. On the agenda:

  • 0:19 - We talk all things Signing Day. The strange but true story of Meg Lentz, the budding college football super power at 'Marion', what excites us personally most about Urban Meyer's first class, as well as a few other miscellaneous observations and opinions about the National Signing Day that was.
  • 17:59 - Marc Givler gets on board to unleash the goods. If you missed all of Signing Day because of work/family reasons/medical coma, he gets you up to speed with the names you need to know and who he sees as the cream of the crop. We also talk about the continued evolution from the Tressel regime to the Meyer-era, what to expect in year one from this group of recruits, and who could lead off the Class of 2013 with a bang. You won't want to miss it.
  • 31:36 - "Ask Us Anything" returns a triumphant third time (The Godfather 3 of the bunch!). We touch on a reader who's not a huge fan of National Signing Day, one who thinks the basketball team should be wearing something other than white at home, and last but not least, a guy who just wants to talk some hoops. Remember, we need your questions to make the thing work or we'll be forced to endure the depths of Yahoo! Answers for our material. You can reach us here and literally ask us about anything. Anything.

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