Eleven Dubcast: The Devil You Know

By Luke Zimmermann on December 29, 2011 at 11:00 am
"We better get you inside. Bad things are fixin' to happen."Et Tu, Deputy U.S. Marshal?

Bowl season is in full swing and after at long last taking our medicine from the NCAA, we can move on to discussing Ohio State's pending bowl swan song for the next two seasons. Of course naturally we must first air our grievances with one Gene Smith before then moving on to start to break down how we see Ohio State's contest with Florida playing out.

In order to really get the inside angle on what the 2011/12 Florida Gators bring to the table, we welcome in the Orlando Sentinel's Rachel George. Rachel discusses what makes 2011 different from the latter stages of the Meyer era, what happened with Chris Rainey/Jeff Demps and the Gator offense, as well as where John Brantley is developmentally in relation to expectations going into his career. She also discusses what to expect game plan wise with Charlie Weis bound for Kansas, defensively what (if anything) Florida can do to curtail Ohio State's rushing offense, and more names to know on both sides of the ball as the game draws nearer.

Finally, Johnny and I pay lip service to the number two ranked nationally basketball team (in the interest of time; <3 u Sully & co.) before running through the remaining Big Ten bowls and a few other choice match ups that caught our attention.

For the second time in as many weeks, we also humor you (and ourselves) by performing an emphatic reading of a bonafide comment fresh from the pages of the 11Wtariat. Could it be you? Listen and see.

Right click save as here to save this bad boy to your local disk drive. Check us out on iTunes if form, functionality, and aesthetics are your cup of tea. And last but not least, hit play underneath. Everytime you do, Johnny ticks nervously and has no idea why. It's hilarious (for everyone that isn't him)!

Today's music kicks off with the bombastic new single from B.o.B. (featuring the immortal Andre 3000), "Play the Guitar". After our guest departs, we're graced by Cloud Nothing's single "Stay Useless" from the first release you'll hear from 2012, "Attack on Memory". Because that puppy's free for a limited time only, you could do far worse also going ahead and copping their self titled freshman effort as well. Finally, we close 2011 with James Blake and his latest "Love What Happened Here" from the EP of the same title. Acquire all of the musics, y'all.

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