Ohio State Receives Supplemental NOA for DiGeronimo Affair

By Ramzy Nasrallah on November 10, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Yes, this is that kind of gray box.

Today Ohio State released its supplemental NOA stemming from the revelation (assumedly, from Terrelle Pryor's efforts to prove to the NFL that he was ineligible) that registered OSU booster Bobby DiGeronimo paid nine active players a total of $2,405 in improper benefits, i.e. no legitimate work was done to justify the payments.

Among the findings:

  • DiGeronimo paid five athletes a combined total of $1,605 for work not performed at Independence Excavating.
  • DiGeronimo paid four athletes a combined total of $800 for attending his Cornerstone of Hope charity event.

With an active booster involved - and not a single coach acting alone as conveyed in the Tatgate charges - this is unavoidably a Failure to Monitor charge.

Relevant NCAA documents and letters to these developments can be read here and here. The four-page supplemental NOA can be read here.

You can read Ohio State's response to the allegations here, in which OSU volunteers to forfeit five scholarships over a three year period. The exhibits submitted by the university in its response are right here.

More as it develops. Also: Breathe. This was expected.


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