Eleven Dubcast: Symphony In Knocked Flat

By Luke Zimmermann on December 1, 2011 at 11:00 am
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Remember that time Michigan beat Ohio State and totally got to lord it over us for like 2 days until we pulled the ultimate trump card by hiring one of two active coaches with multiple national titles to their credit? Whoops!

Welcome to this utopia world of tomorrow where Ohio State prepares to usher in an era of wide open run spread option football and 4th ranked Duke gets hate crimed in VCA. We pay last Saturday's contest precisely the 10 minute lip service it deserves before giving way to our featured guest. Having seen Urban Meyer's offense (and program) run to varying degrees of efficiency (the highs are really high but the lows are also sort of disheartening, no puns intended to our Alabama fan readership), we're thrilled to welcome back Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday and SB Nation fame. Spencer, a UF alum/devotee, takes us through what we can expect from Meyer from a schematic perspective, how certain players (Braxton/Carlos Hyde/Jake Stoneburner) might be utilized, what Meyer's emphasis on defense means to Luke Fickell and their co-existence (or perhaps co-dependency?), whether hiring Mike Stoops and/or Tim Brewster would be as ridiculous as some perceive or surprisingly proficient moves, and lastly, just because we can, we dish on Mike Leach's return to coaching (SPOILER: this greatly excites all 3 of us).

To call it a podcast, Johnny and I wax euphoric about Ohio State's demolition of the Duke Blue Devils. Jared Sullinger, Deshaun Thomas, and Aaron Craft all merit our love and adoration and receive them accordingly. We finally discuss our hopes and fears of what playing Texas Pan-America will be like. Real nightmare fuel stuff.

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BONUS: Spencer and I mention a Q&A we did on the Meyer hire over at my other stomping grounds earlier this week. Half tongue and cheek, half serious, it's still a supplement to today's episode.

BONUS BONUS: Because we love giving you free things, a good deal of this week's music can be secured at little to no cost. This episode's superb opener comes courtesy of San Diego indie power duo TV Girl. You can acquire the must have Benny & The Jetts EP (and the title track we play) on their facebook for no more than your e-mail address. Get on it. The second song, while not as complimentary as the first, is acquirable for the low, low cost of just $.99. Widowspeak's great "Hard Times" will make all your friends and family think you have far better taste than you actually do. The closer? Well it's not yet purchasable nor downloadable but you can hear it unlimited times to your heart's content at the band, Milo Greene's, bandcamp. The track is from "The Hello Sessions" and is the opener "1957". Because we were so kind and extra enlightening this week on the good tunes, if you wish to help the site bring on a full-time beat writer in 2012, click here before you do your Christmas shopping. It costs you literally nothing extra but helps us immensely. Please and thank you.

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