We're With Pac

By Jason Priestas on April 27, 2011 at 4:42 am
Still our coach....

It's Ohio against the world in ESPN's latest college football poll. Which is fine and something we're not entirely unfamiliar with given the way things have been since Ted Ginn tweaked his left ankle, but I guess I was a bit surprised to see how close Ohio* was. Despite a late March Quinnipiac University poll showing 83% of Ohioans backing Tressel, just 60% of ESPN respondents from the state currently favor keeping him.

Other interesting findings:

Welcome to the Play Hater's Ball, gentlemen. The top five haters according to the ESPN poll: Arkansas - 82% in favor of firing (kind of understandable given the butthurt from the Sugar Bowl), Alabama - 80% (soooo much hate in that state), Tennessee - 79% (Pearl), Idaho - 79% and Michigan - 77% (better step your hate game up, son).

Much love from states that don't care about college football. The five "friendliest" states: South Dakota - 52% in favor of firing (chillwaves), Maine - 56%, Massachuesetts - 58%, North Dakota - 58% and Minnesota - 58%.

* IP Geo Targeting isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good these days, so let's assume most of the respondents were actually from Ohio.

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