Eleven Dubcast 14: Go Big Or Go Home

By Luke Zimmermann on April 8, 2011 at 12:58 pm
Remember Fuel's "O-Zone"? /queefcore'dSo much OZone.

Another Friday, another brave, bold, sexy (okay, not sexy), exciting Eleven Warriors Eleven Dubcast

Where were you when Eleven Warriors Dubcast 14 changed your life? Oh, probably sitting in front of your computer mashing F5 on Masters results trying to cheat hours to get out of the office for Happy Hour or something of the like.

This particular suaree is a Buckeye-centric affair featuring our very own Ramzy. Ramzy delivers the goods on the Battle: Quarterbacksangeles, who he sees as a potential successor while DeVier Posey is in timeout, as well as how he sees the Jim Tressel situation playing out.

Finally, we're thrilled to finally have Tony Gerdeman from The OZone on the horn. We go back and forth with Gerd as well on the QB situation, talk about Ohio State's new "state-media" lock down, and finally his thoughts on Oversigning and Greyshirting.

You can hit play underneath, or, if you prefer to preload your Zune with the sultry tones of Ohio State bloggers and beatboxers writers, you can right click save as here. You can also hop on the iTunes party if you feel so inclined.

It's Friday people. Remember: always Dubcast responsibly.

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