GameDay/Early Slate Open Thread

By 11W Staff on November 13, 2010 at 10:42 am

Hey look! It's GameDay! And it's in Columbus! In front of the Shoe! I know that place.

(P.S.: if they let Desmond sing Victors or whatever the hell it's called on top of the stadium again, there will be blood)

Come for Herbstreit having a give and take with Matt McGloin; stay for the group of games before PSU gets their comeuppance.

12:00PM ET Indiana at #7 Wisconsin ESPN2 (HD)
12:00PM ET #13 Iowa at Northwestern ESPN (HD)
12:00PM ET Miami at Georgia Tech ESPN GamePlan/ACC Network (where avail.)
12:00PM ET Michigan at Purdue Big Ten Network (HD) (Regional)
12:00PM ET Minnesota at Illinois Big Ten Network (HD) (Regional)
12:00PM ET Ole Miss at Tennessee CBS (HD)
12:00PM ET South Florida at Louisville ESPNU (HD)
12:21PM ET Vanderbilt at Kentucky SEC Network/ESPN GamePlan
12:30PM ET Kansas State at #17 Missouri FSN (HD)
2:30PM ET #15 Utah at Notre Dame NBC (HD)
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