11 Reasons To Love Michigan Week 2010

By Alex Gleitman on November 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm
This is what Michigan Week is all about!

Michigan Week is finally here. The Rose Bowl, rest of the BCS games, and National Championship Game can take a back seat. In Columbus, one thing matters every year, no matter what the circumstances, and that's beating the team from up north.

You can feel it in the air, whether you're on campus or across the world, the excitement surrounding this game is unmatched. As Buckeye fans we love to beat Michigan in any way we can, including blood drives and having more fun just nights before The Game by jumping in Mirror Lake (this year moved to Tuesday). There is just an extra level of Buckeye fever added when this rivalry match comes along and around the 11W headquarters things are no different.

That is why, to help the kick-off of Beat Michigan Week, we bring you the 11 reasons you need to get excited for this year's game, the 107th meeting in the rivalry. While we only list eleven here, please feel free to add your reasons in the comments sections below the post.

11. Everyone has an obnoxious friend who roots for Michigan

I know everyone has the annoying friend who is an alumnus of that heinous place up north or roots for the maize and blue. If you're a Buckeye fan, that just seems to be a part of your life. There is nothing better than shutting your buddy up after The Game is played every year, and this year is no different. Kick them when they're down is the saying, and while we can, I continue to say go for it, because one day it just won't be the case anymore.

10. Big Ten/Rose Bowl Chances Stay Alive

The Bucks are gunning for their record-tying sixth straight shared or outright Big Ten title, which is important in itself, but they are also trying to keep their Rose Bowl hopes alive. They need help from Wisconsin, who plays host to Northwestern this week, if they want to get the outright birth to Pasadena, though. I'm not sure that's going to happen, but the Bucks most likely will not even have that mere chance to go to the Rose Bowl again if they don't beat the Wolverines.

9. BCS Bowl Chances Stay Alive

If the Rose Bowl doesn't happen, the next best thing would be an invite to the Sugar or Orange bowls. The Bucks once again need to win this game for a shot at the trip to either New Orleans or to take their talents to South Beach, but they also need to fend off Stanford, LSU, and Boise State for an at-large bid in these two games. I think if the Bucks take care of business and finish at 11-1, their talent and money will be too much for the selection committees of either of these games to pass them up.

8. Pro-Combat Unis in the House

Love or Hate?

Yep, these are going to be the jerseys your Ohio State Buckeyes wear this coming weekend. Love them or hate them, they will definitely be anticipated and come off the racks quickly. I personally liked last year's and as of now, am not a fan of this year's version, but am still looking forward to seeing how fresh they look on the Silver Bullets this Saturday at noon.

7. Michigan jokes Are always fun

Don't really need to type much here, and many of these circulate around, but if you want some laughs, just google Michigan jokes, or check out this site

6. Give MICHIGAN some Insight, Pizza-Pizza, or some Texas TWO-STEP

Michigan is bowl eligible unfortunately, but at 7-4, a loss likely puts them in the Insight.com Bowl, Little Caesar's Bowl, or Texas Bowl. The Ticket City Bowl and Gator Bowl are indeed possible destinations, but 7-5 will be a hard sell out of the bottom three Big Ten feeder destinations. If we have to watch that porous defense go up against other conferences, let's at least send them where they actually have a shot to not make us look as bad.

5. We get our shot at Denard

I'll give credit where credit is due and the first player to rush and throw for 1,500 yards, gives the Nard Dog some props. I will however criticize who a lot of those stats came against and the type of plays in which some of those passes happen. We've heard all year how great Shoelace is from commentators, Michigan fans, and the folks on the team themselves, and I'm finally happy that B-Rolle and Jermale Hines will get their crack at #16. Will Robinson even make it through the whole game with the way Jermale has been hitting? I don't think so.

4. We love to hate Rich Rod

From being called a "snake in a wizard hat selling oil", breaking the rules on a constant basis at every school he's at, or just that stupid smug smile he puts on, we as Buckeye fans love to hate Rich Rodriguez. I really hope 7-5 is enough to save his job because I want him around for a few more years so we can beat the living snot out of Michigan, but part of me wants JT to unleash the dogs so bad that Dave Brandon has no choice but to cut the cord on the wanna-be Michigan man. Rich Rod, keep doing what you're doing and you'll be sure to be always have a loving fan base in Columbus, Ohio.

3. turkey and some wolverine too

It's definitely different, but I think I kind of like the whole Michigan game on Thanksgiving Saturday thing. First off, it gives me the chance to actually go to the gamer without taking off work every year. Secondly, there's just something about Thanksgiving and football that go together, and this game now tops off what is sure to be an exciting weekend of my two favorite things: food and football. I think this is a change that had some initial lash back, but will eventually be a favorable move by the conference.

2. 9-1, 7 In A Row, 2,662

If the Buckeyes win on Saturday, Jim Tressel will move to 9-1 against Michigan, it will be 7 wins in a row against Michigan for OSU, and it will be 2,662 days since UM last beat the Bucks. I don't even know how Tressel lost even one game to these guys with his approach to the rivalry and he're to hoping that is the only time he goes down to Michigan. Seven consecutive victories would be the second longest streak in the match-up and longest since Michigan tallied up nine in a row in the beginning of the last century. Finally the streak of days since UM last beat the Bucks is just awesome. Please keep the counter going and I want to see that number over 3,000 at this point next season.


No other reasons necessary. It's Michigan-Ohio State. It doesn't get any better than this. Let's beat the stuffing out of those guys and celebrate on High Street all night long!

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