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By Luke Zimmermann on September 27, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Pssst... My cousin's girlfriend's brother's friends told a little birdie who told premium board types that defensive back Jabari Gorman came up for an unofficial visit EMU weekend. Super recruiting guru Bill Greene blew the top off the whole thing ($$$) discussing Gorman's second visit to Columbus in less than a month (dude was also reportedly in town for Miami-tOSU). I'd tell you what it says, but Buckeye Sports Bulletin/Rivals pulled my cool dude card after all the copies of BSB I snagged from the Ohio State Alumni Association when I worked there as an undergraduate. For all the cheap bros out there like yours truly, I give you an interview Gorman did with the Miami Herald a little more than a month ago:

History Comes Alive. We touched on this in the forum, but it's worth mentioning on the front page, the famous Buckeyes who all scored three different ways in a single game:

*1948 at Illinois: Gerald Krall

-10 yd reception from Pandel Savic
-9 yd pass to Alex Verdova
-5 yd run


*1950 vs. Iowa: Vic Janowicz

-11 yd run
-61 yd punt return
-passed for 4 TD (12, 40, 26, 44 yds)


*1984 vs. Iowa: Keith Byars

-50 yd run
-14 yd reception from Mike Tomczak
-35 yd pass to Mike Lanese
-7 yd run


*2004 vs. Michigan State: Ted Ginn Jr.

-17-yd reverse
-60-yd punt return
-58-yd reception from Troy Smith

Little known fact: that Gerald Krall was an even better stamp collector than he was a football player.

Speaking of said awesomeness... The big man in charge over at The Ozone, Mr. John Porentas, went to the trouble of explaining how difficult it was to pick a play of the week in a week that had so many ridiculous ones. Most interestingly, he was able to snag a choice quote from Brew Crew chief Mike Brewster on TP's wheel route of win and what it means going forward:

Whenever Hall is in the game now, defenses will have to respect at least the possibility that Hall can throw it to Pryor. That has an enormous impact on the defense as starting center Mike Brewster explained.

"You always want to give them (upcoming opponents) something to think about, give them something to take time off during the week to work on. You're always going to have to follow Terrelle when he carries out his fakes," Brewster said.

There will be nothing/I am Legend and I am Will Smith. So Terrelle Pryor isn't quite a legend yet, but he certainly is up to something fresh (and not just with that mean gumby fade). Should Terrelle Pryor keep at his present pace, there's no reason to think why he won’t establish many of the most vaunted passing marks in the Ohio State football record books. Brandon Castel has the historical perspective:

Don’t look now, but Pryor is shooting up the record books in just about every conceivable category. With his four touchdown passes Saturday, he moved past Greg Frey (37) for fifth place on the all-time list with 40. He needs 18 more to break Bobby Hoying’s all-time school record. He could break that this season, and by next year he could set the mark so high that no one will touch it for another 50-100 years.

More impressively, he passed Joe Germaine and Pete Johnson (56) for fourth on the all-time touchdowns list with 58. Assuming he stays for his senior season, which he has said he plans to do, Pryor would have 22 more games in a Buckeye uniform, including two assumed bowl games. By the time it’s all said and done, he might be at the top of the list in just about everything.

Pretty good for a wide receiver masquerading as a signal caller, eh Mark May?

73-20. A Jim Tressel offense scored 73 freaking points. In one game. The sheer amazement will never cease:

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