Evil Tressel Cares Not For Clemency

By Luke Zimmermann on September 25, 2010 at 7:05 pm

If you had to sum up the 60 minutes of football we just witnessed, I would offer up but one word: OWNAGE.

Terrelle Pryor: 20/26 224 yards, 4 TDs, 104 rushing yards, a rushing TD, and even a 20 yard receiving TD from his former Jeannette, PA battery mate Jordan Hall? Check.

Dane Sanzenbacher, 9 catches totaling 108 yards including 4 receiving touchdowns? Double check.

The diminutive Hall getting into the multi faceted game in his own right, averaging 9 yards a touch offensively, rushing for a score, throwing a score, and 11W fav Jaamal Berry also raising hell at running back carrying 4 times for 74 yards and a TD? Checkmate.

While we probably need some sort of death metal to appreciate the blood and guts that were spilled as Jim Tressel's club accrued the most points during his tenure as Ohio State's master and commander, we instead turn to our indie rock anthem of all that is good and right in the universe.

O-f'ing-H y'all:

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