Eleven Eyes: Report from the Jersey Scrimmage

By Jared on April 17, 2010 at 3:20 pm
Many thanks to Zach Asman for helping us get some extra coverage from the Jersey Scrimmage today at Ohio Stadium. Here are notes from the defense's big victory over the offense:
  • Scarlet (defense) won 78-24
  • The defense was completely dominant.  They were quick to the ball overall and extremely disruptive.
  • The offense looked out of sync for the most part, with a few nice plays, but nothing earth shattering.
  • Pryor just was not on his "A" game. I admired his poise in the pocket and not making any forced throws, but in general he was not hitting his receivers and had a few dropped balls.
  • Most of the (healthy) RBs saw a good deal of carries, even Bo DeLande. The most impressive showing of the day was Jamal Berry who looked really fluid in his cuts and was able to elude defenders. Showed why he could get some carries in our loaded backfield. Saine, Hall and Hyde all did not play today. Berry came off the field limping later in the game, so hopefully that isn't anything serious.
  • Adam Homan had a nice catch and run out of the backfield, hopefully he'll have some more involvement with the offense this year outside of blocking.
  • Posey had one of the scrimmages few big gains on a nice pass from Pryor. He was able to show great hands and nice body control on the play, as he made a great backside adjustment to the ball.
  • With the way Bauserman played today, I really hope TP doesn't get injured. He just doesn't look like he has the type of skills to carry a top team if he was ever thrown into the fire.
  • Taurian Washington had a couple drops today, not out of character during the season, but during the spring it was slightly shocking. He dropped an easy catch that would have been for a fairly significant game.
  • Guiton actually managed things pretty nicely with the 3rd team and I definitely like him better than JB.
  • Miller rolled with the ones on the offensive line. Overall, the line was only okay but Brewster looked pretty good and was controlling his defenders for the better part of the day.
  • I think Johnny Simon is going to have a breakout year. He was disruptive all day and it seemed like he was involved in every play. He's really quick off the line and has great technique.
  • Melvin Fellows is a guy I've been hearing a lot about, and he definitely lived up to the hype. He was very involved on defense and had a monster sack during the game. He generally just looks a lot bigger than he did when he first got here. I'd love to see him get in the rotation.
  • Jonathan Newsome gave a nice performance. He seems pretty quick and very athletic, which showed on a play where he got some serious air to bat down a pass thrown by Guiton.
  • Dorian Bell moves from sideline to sideline very well and has great lateral quickness. He also forced a fumble on Guiton.
  • The only touchdown of the day came from the defense. After a bad snap, Pryor picked up the ball, looked to make something happen, but was quickly met by Nathan Williams who forced a fumble that Simon picked up for a touchdown.
  • Orhian Johnson looked very alert in coverage and showed nice awareness on the field.
  • Devon Torrence had a nice sack off of a CB blitz, a play I would hope to see more of in the regular season.
  • Solomon Thomas once again proved why he loved the spring, he got in on a couple of sacks during the course of the day. He can really flatten out the edges and get to the QB with great closing speed. Hopefully this year it will translate to the regular season.