11W Holiday Gift Guide

By Jason Priestas on December 16, 2009 at 2:59 am

Considering we published this guide on the 1st of December last year, we're.. um.. a little bit late this time around. Apologies to our friends currently celebrating the Festival of Lights as you'd have to drop some coin on quick shipping to receive anything before the 19th. For those of you celebrating Christmas, you should still be able pick up most of the items below in time for the big day. You can probably even pick something up for Festivus on the 23rd if you act fast enough.

Finally, if none of the above fits you, you can treat yourself to a special something to wear or orbit your glowing presence while you watch the Rose Bowl.

Sure, it's part of Nike's efforts to wring some more coin out of us with their Rivalry line introduced for the Michigan game, but you just know that rocking a large buckeye leaf on your chest will give you special powers. Like the ability to hold eight beers in before making a bathroom run.
War As They Knew It
Absolutely the best Ohio State football book we've read in the past few years, this look at the rivalry in the context of the bigger picture of the turbulent late 60s and early 70s is so good I have hard copy and a Kindled version for my iPhone. Train rides home from work need their inspirational moments, you know.
Club Trillion T-Shirt
Club Trillion. Proceeds go to an awesome cause. Nuff said.
Game Worn Ben Person Jersey
So the auction doesn't specifically name Person as the jersey doesn't come with a nameplate like some others being offered. But it does state that the jersey was used during the 2006 season and the only player to wear #63 that year was redshirts sophomore Ben Person. It won't come cheap -- it's currently running $300 -- but how many jerseys do you own that can double as a mesh throw blanket?
Sweater Vest Onesie
Part of the JUPMODE collection of sweater vest-inspired attire, this onesie is sure to be a hit with your baby or the parents of the lucky baby you pick this up for. Bonus: the child will get a screaming head start towards a life of conservatism.
Dead Schembechlers: Wolverine Destroyer
With classics like "Bomb Ann Arbor Now" and "Ted Ginn Did Everything", this is the essential Dead Schembechler disc for any self-respecting Buckeye fan.
Blood, Tears & Glory: How Ohioans Won the Civil War
There's a reason the NHL franchise in town is known as the Blue Jackets. Covering Grant, Steedman, Rosecrans and of course Sherman, among others, this is a delightful read in the face of the ever-growing SEC tonguing occurring around us.
Etsy: Ohio State
As any discerning digital diva will tell you, Etsy is the eBay of of handmade and vintage items. The link above takes you to a search results page for "Ohio State". If you can't find something there for the special women in your life, you might want to brush up on your gift giving skills.
Helmet Purse
If you don't find anything on Etsy, she'll surely love the Helmet Purse. This purse works like a tan -- it adds a +2 hotness bonus to any lady sporting one.