Ritual Much?

By Chris Lauderback on September 1, 2009 at 4:55 pm
Script Ohio Head: A ritual that we've yet to follow...I think I'll stick to my lucky hat... (Photo: Across The Field Movie)

As kickoff inches closer, we're left with less and less time to prepare for the various gameday rituals that we somehow believe have an impact on what happens during each down, game and season. Myself and my usual gameday crew are probably far less obsessive and superstitious as you so I'm interested in what you do, and how far you take it, to ensure the Buckeyes have a successful 2009 campaign.

Personally, age has had a tremendous impact on making me more realistic about how my actions, or in-actions, might determine a football game but I can't say the same for my bretheren. Back in the day I'd wear the same hat until a defeat forced me to throw it away. I also went through a closet full of Buckeye shirts following the same mantra. With the economy in the toilet, I now stick to wearing basic Buckeye gear for non-big-games and then either a Jack Tatum or Spielman jersey for games receiving more hype. Channeling my inner Spielman has had it's highs and lows the last couple years so I'm thinking Tatum is going to get the call September 12th.

When it comes to game time, me and my gamewatching crew have observed the same two rituals for as long as I can remember. First, we have a framed 16x20 of Wayne Woodrow Hayes that is passed around for everyone to rub for good luck. Then, Woody takes his rightful viewing spot propped against the coffee table so he has front row seats for that Saturday's clash. Depending on how the game progresses, Woody might get rubbed so many times that, well, he probably springs a Woody.

Secondly, though we hate to have to enforce it, we shuffle seat assignments after halftime, or sometimes during drives, to try and spark an offensive rally or a key defensive stop. There are no hard and fast rules to this one, though. It's all based on feel. I guess our feel has been off the last couple years.

I know. It's a pretty timid list. Like I said, age has gotten the best of me. That and the fact I'm scribbling notes the entire game in prep for Five Things. So, what do you do? I know some of you madmen must have some freakish rituals just based on your comments alone. What do you do to help OSU win games on a weekly basis?