Depth of Character, Depth of Chart

By Luke Zimmermann on September 1, 2009 at 7:00 am
Just like Bo Jackson but on D.Sacking quarterbacks into 8-bits.

QUICK: Alt-Tab back into that important spreadsheet. Look alive model American workers, the countdown to the days until meaningful college football being on has reached TWO, and you've by no doubt at this point let out a high pitched girlish squeal to such a degree that every cubical around you is staring in frightened disbelief. The matter of fact is that none of your clients have gotten call backs all week and you've already started plotting how to turn your 3-day Labor Day weekend into a 5-day college football kickoffstravaganza.

Don't be embarassed, no matter how much consternation your family and friends are giving you, all that means is you're one of us. Since it's not like you'll be accomplishing anything constructive with the rest of your work day anyways, let's begin to obsess over the first formal two-deep the Ohio State University has put out for their forthcoming clash with the noble young cadets of the Naval Academy, shall we?

Starting with the skill positions, no real surprises as Boom Herron, DeVier Posey, and Dane Sanzenbacher are your starters, but a certain decided genetic advantage posessing true freshman is listed as the backup split end, and by all logic the #3 wide receiver. While we flashback to last year two years ago and reminisce that Taurian Washington saw the field early and often against Youngstown State then failed to make much of a splash the rest of the season, it's probably worth bearing in mind that this opener will be all about experimenting with the youthful talent this football team possesses, but that certainly doesn't make it any less exciting that someone with such a high upside will have his chances right from the get go.

The recently profiled ex-tight end Andrew Miller as expected gets the nod to protect LiC's blindside, with the rest of the offensive line falling into place unsurprisingly. The real excitement comes at the #2 spots amongst the big uglies, with a trio of freshmen, guard Corey Linsley, heir-to-the-Leman-throne and turbo-patriot Jack Mewhort at center, and right tackle Marcus Hall all likely to see minutes during the course of the Navy contest. The idea of a deep, talented group of Ohio State offensive lineman have so many post traumatic flashbacks of years past feeling like a distant memory.

On the defensive side of the ball, we start with the '09 3-pack of Silver Bullets comprising the linebacking corp, where we see little surprises: Ross Homan, Brian Rolle, and Austin Spitler make up the trio from Will-to-Mike-to-Sam. The nation's potentially best defensive line come as expected with Gibson, Larrimore, Worthington, and Heyward sure to make a Big Ten quarterbacks truly and honestly believe they're representing Gotham U.

The secondary is where we see our first big surprise, as Andre Amos asserts himself as the man in charge of containing every opposing offense's most dangerous playmaker, with Chimdi Chekwa relegated to right corner back, and Devon Torrence as expected likely to see action in the nickel back. Captain Kurt Coleman returns to man the strong safety position, while Anderson Russell digs in and manages to hold off Jermale Hines, at least for one more week.

Finally, looking at the most important unit on the field, Aaron Petrey and Jon Thoma are in charge of putting their boots into pigskins, where as we see the duo of Boom & Zoom taking the balls from the opposing kickoff specialists with designs on putting 6 on the board. Dan Herron's ascension beyond Flash Thomas as the #2 kick returner comes as somewhat of a surprise, while we also see DeVier Posey as a possible mopup duty punt returner in a bit of an unexpected twist.