Media Day Comes, Bearing Some Good News

By Jason Priestas on August 14, 2009 at 7:00 am
Another beautiful day in the Shoe(University Photo)

The spectacle that is team media day took place yesterday at the Horseshoe, with 175 members of the press and over 500 team family members soaking up great weather and a chance for some choice photos (galleries here, here, here and here).

Though Small and Rose were not in attendance, Jordan Whiting's parents represented pretty hard, there was a Guitonator sighting and Tyler Moeller was there, noggin scars and all.

Clarifying a bit from yesterday's report of Moeller's mother's statement, it appears as if charges have not been filed yet so in the interim we're wishing Tyler a speedy recovery and eagerly looking forward to whatever punishment is handed out to the perp. Remember kids, an ounce of weed in Florida is a felony, so naturally sucker-punching someone should lead to a loss of one hand, right?

Getting back to Small and Rose, Tressel seemed to confirm the rumors from earlier Thursday that Small will be joining the team soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow. When asked about Rose, Tressel was optimistic, but gave nothing firm regarding a return date (for either player, really).

Finally, and Pryor's teammates aren't backing down from the 4.33. You're turn, DocSat.

If you're still fiending for more, the AD has posted audio/video from 12 players that should see plenty of playing time this season.


  • Penn State corner AJ Wallace is probably looking at a one or two game suspension to start the season for cutting class. Wallace will leave the already young Lion secondary just a tad greener when they start that brutal non-conf schedule.
  • Speaking of secondary issues, the Hawkeyes lost corner Jordan Bernstine, who was penciled-in to start opposite Spievey, to a broken ankle. The partisans at BHGP don't think he was going to win the corner job, but if he was good enough to be in contention for it, it's a big loss.
  • The Big Ten Network will be offering live web streaming options for fans living outside of the United States and Canada. Single game, team and conference packages will be available in late August. If you in the States or Canada, but are outside the network's footprint, you may have some luck with proxy servers, depending on how the net auth's the service.
  • When the Pac-10 moved in on the Alamo Bowl, bumping the Big Ten from consideration, I first thought it was the conference taking another hit. Howeva, Delaney and crew are thought to be closing in on a deal with the Gator Bowl (last time there kind of sucked for the Buckeyes if memory serves correct), which will give the conference three New Year's Day games in addition to the Rose Bowl tie-in. I know it was important for the league to have tie-ins to both Florida and Texas, so we'll call it a push.
  • Smart Football with a sweet video on how to beat press coverage. Because, you might need it the next time you're at Starbucks.
  • We're sympathetic to this campaign, we really are. But can't we just drop one more Corky and then call it quits?