The Future at QB is still Cloudy

By Corey Carpenter on June 11, 2009 at 7:00 am
Perhpas Pryor could be all-time quarterback.Then again, maybe Pryor will stay all 4 years.

While I try not to think ahead to the time when TP will no longer be under center, Nick Montana's spurning of the Bucks for 0-12 Washington is a bit concerning.

I thought it was a long shot he would end up in Cbus, but remember Tressel promised not to go after another QB in the 2010 class when he first offered Montana, so it put the Buckeyes behind in the race for the nation's elite.

According to Scout's rankings, 15 of the top 20 QB prospects have already given verbal commitments and Ohio State doesn't appear on the radar until Barry Brunetti's list at #24. At 28, is Andrew Hendrix, the 6'3" 220 lbs. prospect out of Cincinnati Moeller, who received his scholarship offer from Ohio State a couple of weeks ago and was visiting the campus yesterday. It looks like it will come down to Ohio State and Notre Dame.

If OSU doesn't land Hendrix, they may be forced to take another flyer to develop and then bank on Braxton Miller of Huber Heights making his commitment to the Bucks for 2011, giving the Brew Crew a freshman signal caller in their senior season.

Who knows which one of these guys will become the better player, but as Ken Gordon pointed out yesterday, if Hendrix chooses the Irish, the Buckeyes have struggled in their attempt to snatch a top tier QB since LiC came to town.

If he spurns OSU, the Buckeyes are basically starting from scratch, and would be 0-for-4 in the past two recruiting years in landing quarterbacks they really wanted.

You want to blame this on the presence of TP, because kids want to go some where and play right away. However, The Vest keeps a tight reign on his quarterbacks and Tresselball isn't the most exciting offense to run, so one has to wonder how much this comes into play in a recruit's mind. It is highly unlikely TP stays all four years, so there is an opportunity for immediate playing time in 2011.

My guess is one of these Ohio kids will sign with the Bucks. The chance to play right away, close to home, along with the facilities and amenities is too tough to pass up. It may be a while before we know anything, but the dreams of what LiC is going to do this year should keep our minds at ease and we can let this situation play out.

What do you think? Is the future QB situation starting to make you nervous? Or are you confident one of these two in-state guys will sign? Do you think Tressel's predictability on offense hinders Ohio State's chance at the elite passing QB's or are kids scared off by LiC's presence?