Catching Up with Jordan Hall

By Alex Gleitman on March 5, 2009 at 7:00 am
Jordan Hall Does It AllBarry Sanders is a good back to emulate

We were fortunate enough to interview Carlos Hyde last week and now we sit down with another incoming running back in Jeannette, Pennsylvania's Jordan Hall.

Hall, who measures at 5-9/185, was not as highly touted as classmates Hyde and Jaamal Berry, but he brings his own style of speed football, not to mention the Pennsylvania state championship he won his junior year when he teamed-up with Terrelle Pryor. It certainly won't hurt to be working with Pryor again and Buckeye fans may wind up pleasantly surprised with what Jordan can bring to the table, both out of the backfield as a runner and in the slot as a receiver.

In this segment, Hall talks with 11W about which freshmen will make an impact on the field this year, if his relationship with TP brought him to OSU, what players he compares himself to, and how he feels about his competition at the running back position.

Who is your hero and why?
My hero is God, because you can accomplish all through him.

Which two fellow recruits do you think might make the biggest impact as freshmen?
I’m going to say myself because I’m so motivated. Plus I think I’m underrated. Also, Dorian Bell because he’s nasty on defense.

You committed to the Buckeyes 10 months ago. How did other schools go about trying to recruit you after you gave your verbal commitment and was it easy dealing with other schools that continued to recruit you?
They still tried to recruit me, but I remained a Buckeye.

Who is your favorite all time college football player? Why?
Barry Sanders, because he reminds me of myself.

You and Terrelle [Pryor] made a pretty good 1-2 punch at Jeannette High School. How much influence did that have on your decision to come to OSU?
Not a lot, maybe a little bit because we played together before and he brought me to OSU when he took his official, so he introduced me to OSU , but he didn’t really influence me to come.

How do you envision yourself being utilized at OSU?
I’ll be a running back, be on kick and punt returns, and maybe catch some passes.

If football didn't exist what would you be doing?
I’d probably be playing basketball.

Western Pennsylvania has become a popular destination for many big time college coaches to travel to during the recruiting period. What about the brand of football in the area makes its players so successful at the college level?
We just play physical football and everybody wants to win.

Biggie or 2pac?

What current/former NFL Player and Buckeye does your style compare to?
Maybe Archie Griffin because he was my size.

Are you intimidated by the other talented running backs who have signed with OSU as part of this class?
No I don’t believe in intimidation. It’s just more motivation to get better.

Thanks to Jordan and now the obligatory highlight vid: