Whose Champion?

By Jason Priestas on January 9, 2009 at 1:20 am
Simon says NOHmm... (Source)

Florida took care of business Thursday night and Herban now how has 2nd "title" in four years.

We're not here to say that the Gators aren't a fine team. There's no question they'd open as double-digit favorites against the Buckeyes (and justifiably so). But the finest? Who knows?

In the BCS's little over a decade of existence, you can say it probably got it right four times or so. And even then, it's just nothing more than a good hunch.

Please write your congressman. Jam up the AM airwaves. Bankroll a phone bank. Do your part to bring us a playoff system of some kind.

And for all of Tressel's struggles in the big one-and-overs, he's that much better of a coach in a playoff system.